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For those of us who are of Irish descent, Ireland Reaching Out is a great program.  It seeks to reunite the descendants of Irish immigrants with the places in Ireland that their ancestors came from, so that they will want to come visit.  However, their website  can a great help even if a trip to Ireland isn’t in your budget this year.  Each civil parish has a message board where requests to connect with other descendants of your ancestors can be posted.  This is the message I posted back in April of 2012 on Kilmacumsy, County Roscommon message board:

Thomas Kenny and Catherine Corcoran baptized their children in the Roman Catholic parish of Boyle.  They raised them in Skeanavart.   Their son, Michael, who was baptized in 1843, is my great-grandfather.  Michael Kenny married Catherine Sweeny in 1872.  I would like to connect with other descendents of Thomas Kenny and Catherine Corcoran.  I live near Chicago in the United States.

Today, I got a reply from a second cousin, who in her first reply, supplied information that I didn’t know.  I don’t where she lives yet but I suspect it is somewhere in the United States.  She is eager to share information and I’m delighted both with having found her and with this opportunity that Ireland Reaching Out is providing to connect with extended family.

If you are not sure of the parish, the website also has message boards on the county level.  The website home page is very user friendly.


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